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City of Dallas

129 E. Memorial Dr, Dallas, GA, 30132, US

City of Dallas Covid-19 Pandemic Recovery Assistance Request

The City of Dallas’ Pandemic Recovery Assistance Option will apply to bills that were due April 10th, 2020- July 10th, 2020. This special payment plan will defer the accrued amount during those 4 months and divide it over a 6 month re-payment period starting October 2020. 

Requirements for payment plan:

  • Any balance incurred prior to April 2020 must be paid in full before payment plan can begin.
  • Any customer wanting to take advantage of the program must sign up either online, via the City’s mobile app, or in the office.
  • Repayment of deferment will begin October 2020. Deferment amount plus regular monthly bill must be paid to remain eligible.


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By checking the box below, I understand that as the account holder for my City of Dallas Utility account, I am requesting to enroll in the Pandemic Recovery Assistance Option that the City of Dallas is offering it's customers pertaining accrued bills from April 2020-July 2020. Further more, I understand that this assistance option does not remove the balance from my account in whole, but allows the option of repayment over 6 months of accrued balances starting in October 2020. 

Additional requirements qualify for assistance include bringing current any balance accrued prior to April 2020.



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